Spring 1998 Hudson (Show)Room

Rebecca Holland

  • Spring 1998 Hudson (Show)Room
  • Exhibition Dates: Jan 15,1998 - Mar 15,1998
  • About the artist
  • RHolland_proc_001_cropRebecca Holland

    Born in Colorado Springs, CO in 1962, Rebecca Holland lives and works in San Antonio, TX. Holland holds an M.F.A. in ceramic sculpture from the University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth and a B.A. in ceramics and paintingRead more

About the exhibition

For her installation at Artpace, Holland has responded to the essential qualities of The Hudson (Show)Room’s space: the soothing southern light filtered through original frosted casement windows and the horizontal plane of the reflective waxed concrete floor. A niche of the room has been bisected diagonally with a tilted wall of dental floss, strung like a harp. Entitled Downhill, this transparent, reclining wall separates the viewer from the space it defines. Light and air penetrate this subtle plane, inviting contemplation and resolve. Opposite Downhill, Holland has applied a thick coat of beeswax to a long wall for a piece called Snowfield I, contributing a sweet odor to the room. The surface is still, with drips, bubbles and rubs evident—a liquid becoming solid. The wall has a sheen that captures the southern light, reflecting it to and from the highly waxed concrete floors. A second wall (Snowfield II) is partially covered with wax, placed to absorb the afternoon western light. Holland’s considerate installation brings attention to the inherent qualities of the viewer’s location, where light, liquid, air and space transcend their chemical functions to become emotional and spiritual.