Spring 1999 Hudson (Show)Room

Long-Term Survivor

  • Spring 1999 Hudson (Show)Room
  • Exhibition Dates: Jan 14,1999 - Apr 04,1999
  • About the artist
  • CRamirez_cropChuck Ramirez

    Chuck Ramirez (1962-2010) lived and worked as an artist and graphic designer in San Antonio, Texas. Primarily employing large-scale photography, the artist’s body of work includes prints and sculptural installations. His pieces investigate the rituals and formsRead more

About the exhibition

Since the AIDS crisis began over fifteen years ago, artists have responded overwhelmingly to this disease. The graphic activist works of the collective Gran Fury, the narrative assemblages of David Wojnarowicz and the meditative installations of Felix Gonzalez-Torres have placed AIDS into a cultural and visual context. At ArtPace, Ramirez continues this trajectory of art history in an installation of digitally enhanced photographic works, entitled Long Term Survivor. The individual pieces explore the rituals of sustaining life and desire in the context of the AIDS crisis. Images range from abstractions of erotic toys to day-of-the-week pill boxes to leather chaps. Ramirez also presents a video piece on three monitors that display a spinning chrome ring—a seductive form that recalls corporate logos—against a bright red wall. Working with materials and images that are part of his daily life—a life impacted by the AIDS crisis—Ramirez transforms the language and power of advertising into a call for action and compassion, expression and self-actualization.