Fall 2018 International Artist-in-Residence

Axon Budged

  • Fall 2018 International Artist-in-Residence
  • In-Residence Dates: Sep 12,2018 - Nov 19,2018
  • Exhibition Dates: Nov 15,2018 - Jan 13,2019
  • About the artist
  • pressphotoAlice Khalilova

    Born in 1991, Anglo-Russian multimedia artist Alice Khalilova lives and works in London. Working fluidly across print, sculpture and video -Khalilova’s work critically explores the intersections of technological advancement, spirituality and philosophy. Since having graduated from ChelseaRead more

About the exhibition

Axon Budged is the culmination of a playful exploration into the concepts of balance and desire. Khalilova’s exhibition includes handmade, large-scale aluminum etchings, an “impossible” climbing wall, and wall-based assemblages that transform the gallery space into a landscape of material tension.

Download PDF of Gallery Notes for Axon Budged