Spring 2000 International Artist-in-Residence Program

Rebecca Holland

About the exhibition

For her residency, Holland responds to the shifting northern light of her ArtPace studio. In her studio, she has applied silver leaf to the entire ceiling of the industrial space. The result is a reverberation of light, showering the room and the viewer with a cool, soothing glow. This deceptively simple embellishment of surface envelopes the viewer in a visual silence. The ceiling’s reflection on the gallery’s waxed concrete floors appears liquid.

On ArtPace’s roof deck, Holland offers another visual surprise. The artist has responded to the horizontal lines and industrial materials of the concrete-and-steel roof pavilion, softening the surfaces and injecting graceful lines.

A third piece takes place off-site. A large outdoor billboard has been painted with a mica finish, which produces a subtle, iridescent glow. Sometimes blue, other times gray, the billboard becomes a painting. Bisected with a horizontal line, the sign extends the vast Texas sky. Again, Holland injects a sense of mystery into an otherwise mundane location, interrupting the viewer’s routine environment.

Through her ArtPace installations, Holland evokes emotional responses from the viewer, shifting multiple perceptions. Although her interventions are subtle, the effort is not—the artist’s process-based approach makes the viewer aware not only of appearance but also effect. Her works activate all of the senses: they shimmer and swell, divide and unify, surprise and beckon.

Other works in this cycle