Spring 2009 Window Works

Horizontal XXV

  • Spring 2009 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Jan 15,2009 - May 10,2009
  • About the artist
  • Adam Bork cropAdam Bork

    Marfa-based artist Adam Bork creates multimedia installations that combine recycled technology, appropriated imagery, photography, and sound. The artist, known by Marfa locals as a jack-of-all-trades, works from his geodesic dwelling. Using the angular space as aRead more

About the exhibition

For his WindowWorks exhibition, Horizontal XXV, Bork presents 25 ’80s-era Commodore™ computer monitors. The symmetrically placed screens feature a series of fluctuating bands of color that combine to create a single, linear work. Bork constructs this hypnotic color-field imagery by digitizing and colorizing old, blank film. The east-facing nature of the window façade bleaches out the monitors in the morning light, and the work slowly gains potency as the sun moves through its daily cycle. The color band achieves maximum strength after dark, as though this troupe of archaic equipment has gathered solar energy-stockpiling vibrancy for the twilight debut. Bork’s color bands can be likened to minimal color field paintings by American artists in the 1950s and 60s such as Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko. Bork reenvisions the rigid geometry of colorfield imagery, presenting a composition that mezmerizingly flickers through the color wheel.

Accompanying the filmic work is an equally methodic soundtrack, played from exterior speakers. The sustained drone rises and falls in volume and emphasis-resulting in a two-part experiential process, comprised of equal parts color and sound.