Summer 2016 Window Works

Faces of Artpace

  • Summer 2016 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Jun 09,2016 - Aug 28,2016
  • About the artist
  • Ramin-HeadshotRamin Samandari

    Born in 1960 in Tehran, Iran, Ramin Samandari immigrated to the United States in 1978 where he has made San Antonio, Texas his home. Samandari is a versatile artist working with photographic and digital imaging processes that investigate the humanRead more

About the exhibition

Artpace continues to celebrate its 21st birthday with a series of special exhibitions and events. Several current Artpace staff members were photographed for Samandari’s original project, San Antonio Faces of Art, which spurred the idea to look through all 244 faces included in the original project and present a selection for a separate exhibition, Faces of Artpace. This exhibition features 57 photographic portraits, representing a portion of the San Antonio arts community who have formally been involved with Artpace.

The selection, Faces of Artpace, includes former Artpace artists-in-residence, exhibiting artists, staff, interns, contractors, and artist collaborators who helped shape Artpace into the dynamic organization it is today, from its founding in 1995. The various scales of the portraits represent the person’s involvement with Artpace—larger portraits are former artists-in-residence, medium portraits are former exhibiting artists, and small are former staff, interns, contractors, or artist collaborators.

Samandari’s larger project, San Antonio Faces of Artis on exhibit at the City of San Antonio, Department for Culture & Creative Development, Plaza De Armas gallery.