Nov 9

Fall Resident Artist Opening Reception and Artist Talk

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Artpace San Antonio

 Join us for the opening of our three new exhibitions, featuring our 2023 International Artists-in-Residence: Sandra Brewster (Toronto, Canada), Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas (Detroit, Michigan), and Alexandra Robinson (Austin, Texas), selected by Guest Curator Missla Libsekal, independent curator, writer, and cultural producer . The artists have been in-residence at Artpace for eight weeks, working on a new body of work. Meet the artists and curator, then join them in conversation at 6:30pm.


+ Free and open to the public

+ Wine and beer available for those 21+

+ Free parking is located at the Artpace parking lot (513 N Flores)




About the exhibitions

Sandra Brewster‘s Artpace exhibition, Luklaby of Birdland, artfully unites people and places. The installation features five striking panels featuring four individuals from San Antonio in everyday, unscripted moments using a gel transfer technique that imparts a nostalgic feel. Additionally, a panel depicting Eagle Pass, the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe’s home, adds historical depth. A seawall replica from Guyana, the artist’s parents’ homeland, offers a personal and practical connection, juxtaposed with business advertisements symbolizing capitalism’s encroachment on the area. This exhibit bridges personal history, global dynamics, and the human experience, inviting visitors to transcend conventional notions of time and place. 

In her multimedia installation, this land is my land \ this land is your land, Alexandra Robinson delves into complex themes of land, place, and belonging. A deliberate arrangement of stones carries layers of history and notions of land ownership. A figure draped in a cyanotype cape stands among the stones, evoking iconic symbols of America’s westward expansion and the Virgin of Guadalupe. A constructed flag outside the window and an ombre-painted gallery wall create a multi-dimensional experience, while a distorted video and intricate audio offer a profound reflection on familiarity and understanding. Robinson’s installation ultimately underscores the intricate relationship between people and the land, emphasizing the fluid and boundless nature of both.  

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas‘s exhibition, Freedom, explores the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world. It features a mossy green wall adorned with organic black forms, each displaying small paintings created from Mesquite wood and Sumi ink. This intriguing wall sets the stage for the exhibition’s central theme, delving into the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world. Mesquite serves as a focal point for the complex interplay between nature and economic interests. The artwork raises questions about ethics and capitalism by juxtaposing John James Audubon’s bird illustrations with his controversial practices. The installation includes audio discussions, stacks of reference material, painted and repurposed cardboard, and a tribute to Félix González-Torres, offering a multifaceted exploration of profit-driven, capital-centric influences on our ecosystem amidst existential and political challenges.