Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand’s photographs are pictures of absence—they are intricate mysteries that pose questions about the things that are not apparent in the work. Demand doles out information in small portions […]



Coinciding with San Antonio’s Contemporary Art Month, ArtPace presents Outline, an exhibition in the Hudson (Show)Room featuring three Texas artists, Emily Joyce, Hills Snyder, and Matthew Sontheimer. Linking the artists’ […]

Julie Mehretu

Julie Mehretu

Mehretu’s works are part painting, part drawing. Intricately rendered, her elaborate semi-abstractions recall cartography and architecture, urban planning and science fiction. With layers of mylar, velum, paper, ink, and paint, […]

Jessica Bronson

Panamint Tilt

Jessica Bronson’s video installations capture the ephemeral phenomena of the everyday and reorder it into extraordinary proportions. An extensive knowledge of film informs the artist’s work, as does an engagement […]

Rubén Ortiz–Torres

Spectacle/Spaztek Aztek Visits the Alamo

Dividing his time between Mexico City and Los Angeles, Rubén Ortiz-Torres recognizes that place and identity are tenuous and continually transforming. Having obtained his primary education in Mexico City at […]

Ordo Amoris Cabinet

Since 1994, Ordo Amoris Cabinet have been analyzing and infusing philosophical meaning into unremarkable, ordinary objects. Their sculptural installations are loaded with social and political criticisms and observations, primarily pertaining […]

Jim Mendiola

Spectacle/Spaztek Aztek Visits the Alamo

As a filmmaker and fourth-generation Mexican-American completely embraced by American culture, Jim Mendiola finds his duty in recovering and revising regional history and analyzing traditions from a Latino perspective. Often […]

Lordy Rodriguez

For his project at ArtPace, Lordy Rodriguez continues his exploration of map-making as a personal interpretation. Incorporating video and sculptural elements for the first time, Rodriguez has created new work […]

The Holy Artwork

The Holy Artwork (still)

Christian Jankowski is interested in dialogue and communication. But what happens when art intersects with magic, fortune-telling, psychology, and religion? Orchestrating improbable encounters between individuals in seemingly unrelated fields, Jankowski […]

Brian Conley

Pseudanuran Gigantica

In his work, Brian Conley complicates the natural order of things. Translating scientific research and data into abstracted simulations with humorous subtexts, Conley consistently renders the natural unnatural and the […]

Tony Villejo

Tony Villejo

Line and color dominate Tony Villejo’s installation of large-scale sculptures at Artpace. Welded metal armatures take the form of animals and human figures, animating the space with their cage-like skeletons. […]

Shahzia Sikander


Shahzia Sikander’s re-examination of the genre of Indo-Persian miniature paintings and recontextualization of Indian and Pakistani imagery continues at Artpace. For her residency, she presents a new work on paper […]