Talctotile, Talctotire

What is your process for creating these sculptures? In a lot of my work I’m concerned with the conditions under which something gets made and how those conditions manifest in […]

Flotsam and Derelict

Tell us about your project. A lot of my work is about exploring urban coastlines, so when I got to Texas I was thinking about the Gulf and how it’s […]


This exhibition is generously supported by the Linda Pace Foundation. diaspora I / II is the result of Sánchez’s* 2006 Artpace residency, and is on view once more in the […]

Snake Hawk Press Pop-Up at Artpace

What is your approach to printmaking? I’ve always been interested in printed matter. Especially print that exists beyond museum walls. I make a huge effort to allow print to behave […]

Mountain War Time

What is your exhibition about? The work draws on research into the first atomic detonation in Alamogordo, New Mexico and the dangers of its radioactive fallout. I approached the subject […]

Over a line, darkly

How did you become interested in the issue of the Texas/Mexico border? Having grown up on a border as a member of the Kurdish minority in Turkey, I have often […]

The things I could tell…

What is the inspiration behind the project? The idea for the light installation is based on a 9th-century Islamic scientist named Avicenna who used color as a tool to diagnose […]

Bitchen Diorama

What is the theme of Bitchen Diorama? The story about customizing and upgrading is one I can relate to, buying what you can afford and building on that. And eventually, […]

Guitar Drag

Guitar Drag, 2000, video projection, running time 14 minutes As an Artpace International Artist-in-Residence during the winter of 1999, Christian Marclay continued his investigations of the role sound and music […]

They shot my dad, they shot my dad!

What is the narrative of your exhibition? When I came here I hadn’t visited in years, but my grandparents are from Texas and my family still has property in east […]

A prophecy in the history of things

How did you approach this exhibition? When Cesar Garcia invited me to Artpace a year ago, I knew that I didn’t want to simply transport a studio practice into a […]