And Thy Neighb(our)

Letitia Huckaby has photographed figures and silhouettes throughout her career. In her Artpace exhibition And Thy Neighb(our), the artist expands this practice with new media and deepened interests as she […]

Year of Wonders

I want my sculptures to help liberate the voice and body to clamor, clatter, blast. —Elana Mann, Instruments of Accountability Elana Mann’s Year of Wonders is part of a larger […]

Wish You Were Here

Rest is our foundation for a liberated world. Care is how we will shift culture. Rest today, make space for others to rest today. And we will rest.—Tricia Hersey (aka […]

The Land of Illustrious Men

In 2019 Daniel Ramos produced an artist book entitled The Land of Illustrious Men. This exhibition at Artpace, of the same name, is his 2019 book writ large and in […]

Systems and Constellations

Milagros de la Torre’s practice is rooted in both exhaustive research and personal history. She grew up amid the political upheavals in 1970s and 80s Peru and has been interested […]

Visibilities: Intrepid Women Of Artpace

For Artpace’s 25th anniversary year, Artpace has committed to focusing all non-residency exhibition programming to woman artists in 2020. With this in mind we will begin our 25th year with […]