Shopping for Bargains/My Mother Taught Me to Shop

Kathy Vargas returns to Artpace 26 years after her International Artist-in-Residence program residency. Roy Flukinger, Senior Curator at the Harry Ransom Center described Vargas’s 1997 Artpace exhibition, States of Grace, […]


Walking into Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas’s exhibition, Freedom, you are greeted with a deep mossy green wall containing black, organically shaped forms, each featuring small paintings adhered to their […]

this land is my land \ this land is your land

In Alexandra Robinson’s multimedia installation, titled this land is my land \ this land is your land, the artist continues to utilize coded language to explore notions of land, place, […]

Lullaby of Birdland

Sandra Brewster joins people and places in her Artpace exhibition, Lullaby of Birdland. Leaning along the gallery walls, you’ll find five distinct panels, four of which showcase a person Sandra […]

Look Now What I’ve Become

A multidisciplinary artist, Harjo continues to expose the realities of Native culture in America. Look Now What I’ve Become aims to explore how language shapes societal perception and confronts the […]

Sound Shatters the Illusion

Ryan Takaba’s Artpace exhibition, Sound Shatters the Illusion, ignites the viewer’s curiosity and directs it toward the unseen phenomena of the natural world. Through quiet observation, the viewer is tuned to a […]

While I’m Here…A Different South

Michi Meko’s exhibition at Artpace, While I’m Here…A Different South delves into the artist’s journey from Georgia to Texas and his search for the transcendent moment. Through painting, sculpture, and […]

At the End of Everything

Xin Liu’s exhibition at Artpace, entitled At the End of Everything, is the first installment of a series reflecting on oil as the source of life and curse of death. […]

2 for 99¢

2 for 99¢ showcases the artistic collaboration of Jim Mendiola and Rubén Ortiz-Torres, a relationship that began during their residency at Artpace San Antonio in 2001. While independently selected by […]

We Are Quilted Together

Artist Statement After years of grief, despair, and internalized questioning, my current body of work is a welcome return to love, joy, and comfort. Handmade quilts and clothing are manifestations […]

No Man’s Land

Nohemí Pérez’s art captures the fraught relationship between humanity and nature, a theme that persists in her Artpace exhibition, No Man’s Land.  The Texas landscape forms the background of the […]

The Sunset Road

Reynier Leyva Novo’s exhibition, The Sunset Road, is centered around the transfer of matter and energy in relation to migration. Like much of his artistic practice, Novo combines research and […]