March through June

K8 Hardy is “happy to confuse, amuse, and activate” viewers of her art, and her new work created while on residency at Artpace may do just that.   Upon entering the […]

The Unsettlements: Moms

JD Pluecker presents a closet into which we can delve, wandering through ancestral sites and familial history.    Entering with two small needlepoint bricks that hold the door open, we walk […]

Folding, Floating, Falling

In Folding, Floating, Falling, Shana Hoehn transforms wood, furniture, ceramics, and found objects into sculptural forms that recall uncanny elements of a girlhood fantasy and appropriations of the female form. […]

Plain and Sane

Dan Herschlein’s exhibition, Plain and Sane, contemplates the tension between light and dark as a means of examining ideologies. Indications of scarcity and accumulation peek out to the viewer, but […]

Cecília rebelde

Conflicting stories collide in Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa’s exhibition Cecília rebelde. Ramírez-Figueroa explores the catholic St. Cecília and the story of the Totonicapán Uprising of 1820 of indigenous Maya peoples (K’iche’) against […]

And Thy Neighb(our)

Letitia Huckaby has photographed figures and silhouettes throughout her career. In her Artpace exhibition And Thy Neighb(our), the artist expands this practice with new media and deepened interests as she […]

Year of Wonders

I want my sculptures to help liberate the voice and body to clamor, clatter, blast. —Elana Mann, Instruments of Accountability Elana Mann’s Year of Wonders is part of a larger […]

Wish You Were Here

Rest is our foundation for a liberated world. Care is how we will shift culture. Rest today, make space for others to rest today. And we will rest.—Tricia Hersey (aka […]

Contingent Habitat

Cauleen Smith’s Contingent Habitat unfurls for the viewer gradually, inviting them to move throughout the space and consider every object, image, and intervention with the same intentionality she employs throughout […]