Milagros de la Torre: Systems and Constellations

Milagros de la Torre: Systems and Constellations

Spring 2020 Artpace resident Milagros de la Torre is a New York-based artist who primarily works with photography. Her work examines the photographic processes used throughout history that reveal hidden and often dark sociopolitical implications.

In this activity, you will create your own facial constellation.

A black and white photograph of yourself
Transparent paper (tracing paper works)
A ruler
Silver or color markers


  1. Look at Milagros de la Torre’s Systems and Constellations. Look at the placement of the “stars” on the photographs. They pinpoint important or recognizable features on the face and guide your eyes. What are your distinguishing/recognizable features? What is the first feature on someone’s face that you notice?
  2. Take a picture of your face (you can smile, frown, make whatever expression you want!). Then, print the photograph out in black and white.
  3. Layer a piece of transparent paper over your picture. Using a sharpie (or marker) begin to make “stars” on your distinguishable features. Place one on your nose, on the inner corner of your eye, the birthmark on your cheek—anywhere that is a distinguishable feature. (Optional: label your stars.)
  4. Once you’ve marked your stars, get another piece of tracing paper, and use a ruler and marker to connect the stars. You do not have to connect all of them. Try to create interesting shapes that frame and lead the eye around your face.
  5. Create a title for your composition and share on social media—tag us: @artpace, #ArtpaceAtHome; #MakeArtHappen.

To read about Milagros de la Torre’s 2020 International Artist-in-Residence exhibition, Systems and Constellations, please visit our Residences and Exhibitions page.

Samples by Summer 2020 Artpace Education Intern Ryene Sanders.
Milagros de la Torre, Systems and Constellations, 2012/2020.