Los Otros by Samaira Ramos  

Los Otros by Samaira Ramos  

The Artpace Teen Council is a nine-month, paid program designed for San Antonio area high school students (15–18 years old) to become advocates for contemporary art and young leaders in their community. Teen Council members work with Artpace staff and artists to develop teen programs, support Artpace events, and create community-based projects throughout the school year.   
This year, Teen Council members will research and write an Artpace blog entry about the innovative art and artists that make up the thriving San Antonio community.  

Los Otros by Samaira Ramos  

When you ask the fine folks of San Antonio why they love their city, there is no doubt you will get quick and passionate responses on the things that fill them with that SA pride. You’ll hear all about our diverse culinary scene (especially the tacos).  Someone will surely give you all the details on the ten days of Fiesta, the biggest party in Texas, and what you need to eat, drink, and wear to best enjoy this legendary celebration. But lately, the thing San Antonians are most in love with, are the murals and the life and the color they bring to the seventh largest city in the United States.  

Many of these murals have been painted by Nik Soup and Shek Vega, the dynamic street art duo better known as Los Otros. With over twenty years of experience creating together, Los Otros speak the language of our city on building facades and walls across San Antonio.  

Vega is well known for his prolific use of color and along with clean, sharp lines. Soupe’s work can be recognized by detailed black and white portraits steeped in realism. Often times a mural by Los Otros has a very definitive style – usually a black and white subject  surrounded by sharp and colorful artistic elements. These two artists have been able to use their talent and creative minds to transform a business wall into a gallery piece that you can drive, ride, or walk by and get a true taste of what San Antonio is all about. All of the color, the life, and the beauty. You will often see admirers snapping photos of loved ones or taking selfies in front of a Los Otros mural – just be sure to tag them when you post to social media! 

Currently there are over sixty pieces of official public art by Los Otros all over San Antonio. Visit their website at http://losotrosmurals.com/ for a complete gallery of their work as well as a map to take you to their amazing murals. Make a weekend of it!  

My favorite mural in San Antonio is on 1906 S Flores St and just so happens to be by, you guessed it, Los Otros! Every time I walk or drive by, I am blown away by the detail and the brilliant colors. I am immediately filled with a sense of pride and a true love for this city.  

The latest mural by the two is located in Southtown at 1906 S Flores. Go and check it out but be sure to play it safe and mask up! 


Samaira Ramos is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School. This is Samaira’s first year participating in the Artpace Teen Council. 

 Photos by Samaira Ramos.