Memory Bucket

Memory Bucket

For his residency at ArtPace Jeremy Deller has tackled Texas—not just the mythical American state described in newspapers, but also the reality he discovered while living in San Antonio for […]

Erick Swenson

Killer Whale (White Parts)

The room is dark. Spotlights fall on an oriental rug where a silent and unlikely struggle is taking place. Nuzzling its head against the Persian fibers (like one might expect […]

ever loving drive

ever loving drive

Upon arriving at ArtPace for her residency Koo Jeong-a set to work—but rather than giving shape to a physical object, much of her time was spent creating the conditions necessary […]

Spencer Finch


Spencer Finch’s projects at ArtPace have evolved out of his time in Texas. As in previous works, each relates to the physical and historical particulars of a geographic area or […]

Susan Philipsz

Sunset Song (still)

Susan Philipsz deals with the spatial properties of sound and the relationships between sound and architecture. Interested in the emotive and psychological properties of song and how they can alter […]

Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer (detail)

Paul Pfeiffer’s video works utilize digital manipulations to capture and decontextualize mass media spectacles, implicating the viewer in all of us. Pfeiffer’s editing emphasizes particular movements to imbue the figures’ […]

Brian Fridge

Sequence 1.11

Brian Fridge’s silent, unedited videos often appear as swirling galaxies of light and matter—evoking a range of scale in space and time while being grounded in the domestic. These cosmological […]

Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien’s 20-minute filmic triptych, Paradise Omeros (2002) explores the experience of creolization—the psychological and linguistic impact of colonization, immigration, and globalization. Based on Derek Walcott’s Nobel Prize-winning epic poem […]

Ricas y Famosas

Ricas y Famosas

Ricas y Famosas features an array of twenty color photographs from Daniela Rossell’s provocative series. The large-scale images are shown unframed and adhered directly to the wall. Unlike their mode […]

Crossing Over: New Video Installations

This Burning World

In the Hudson (Show)Room, Willie Varela presents four new video installations. This Burning World, a double-channel projection, is an exploration of the transitional space where urban environments become something else, […]



Returning is work created during Hodges’s recent residency in the Lab Grant Program at the Dieu Donné Papermill in New York. While at Dieu Donné, Hodges experimented with a process […]