I’ve always identified and collected objects that have an inherent material value, distinct from and more interesting than their assigned function. I use photography to reveal how I see this […]


What is the context for your video? The film is based on the history of the “pumpkin bombs.” During World War II, 49 pumpkin bombs where dropped in Japan as […]

Weight of Culture

Why did you decide to build walls and break the gallery up into three conjoined spaces? Initially I knew I wanted to use the existing architecture of the gallery to […]

Seowoon Jung (1924-2004)

What is your work about? My work is based on the story of Seowoon Jung’s life as a comfort woman. She was kidnapped by Japanese soldiers from her home in […]

Injury Continuum

How does your work draw from the past? For many years I’ve been interested in architecture, but especially the relationship between traditional architecture and modernity. Le Corbusier drew inspiration from […]

Decoration Day

  What influenced you to create this exhibition? In March 2013, the U.S. military allowed women to serve in combat roles. But it is a little known fact that over […]

Jimmy James Canales @artpace

What is this project you are doing for Window Works? My project is an evolving durational performance installation. For the four-month time period of the exhibition, I will present a […]

Within the Angles of Incidence

Where does the title for your exhibition come from? An “angle of incidence” is a measure of deviation of something from “straight on,” in this instance a light ray to […]

The Strangest Fruit

The Strangest Fruit is a series of large paintings that is inspired by the lost/erased history of lynched Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the state of Texas from the late 1800’s […]

Hold Nothing

How does history influence your work? At Artpace I have been researching the point when money became abstract, and the origins of abstraction in the financial system. I’m interested in […]

Sight lines

How would you describe the process of creating your works at Artpace? I’m interested in philosophies of seeing and the frameworks for how we understand image and object relationships. While […]