For her Artpace project, AM/PM, Fernandez utilized the traditional technique of fresco to create paintings that act as a window to her life and memories. Painting on non-traditional surfaces such […]

Axon Budged

Axon Budged is the culmination of a playful exploration into the concepts of balance and desire. Khalilova’s exhibition includes handmade, large-scale aluminum etchings, an “impossible” climbing wall, and wall-based assemblages […]


What was your process for creating the photographs in your exhibition? My practice is about the experience of making art rather than a process of making art. A process-based practice […]

One to Another

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 6 from 6 – 8 PM Over the last few years, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled their homes—places like Syria, Myanmar, and El Salvador—in […]

Earth and Everything

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum’s multidisciplinary work encompasses drawing and animation, and alludes to mythology, geology and theories on the nature of the universe. Her drawings, narrative landscapes that appear simultaneously futuristic […]

The Homestead

How do you represent issues of gentrification and displacement in your work? At Artpace, I’ve worked on two distinct, yet narratively connected bodies of work. In my studio, I have […]

Gathering Bones

Short-handled garden hoes are symbols of oppression and control over the body. In response, I had the object appear stooped over, contorted, and rendered in glass, making it useless and […]

Then and Now

Then and Now celebrates the impact Artpace has on the lives and careers of artists. The exhibition features work by five resident artist alumni. Then and Now presents work made […]

She Called Herself Olympia

The monumental quilt, She Called Herself Olympia, is a contemporary ode to the Odalisque figure with an empowering twist. This project speaks to women’s bodies as socially and politically contested […]

With Land

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXHIBITION: The time and resources provided by the Artpace residency enabled me to focus on my process and explore a more intimate relationship with adobe. Adobe […]

Espacio Doméstico

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXHIBITION: Over the last six years, I have been studying the symbolism of color. I study painted storefronts in Mexicano and Latinx neighborhoods, community murals, and […]