Calamity; Red, White, and Blue

Rae Culbert

Exhibition: Jul 21 – Oct 9, 2005

Culbert’s WindowWorks projects explore political and artistic subterfuge, sabotage, cover-ups, and conspiracies. Using an empty, smashed-open safe to breach Artpace’s 445 North Main Street windows, Culbert’s Calamity alludes obliquely to politicians’ hollow, destructive ambitions to “break into” places where they do not belong. Red, White, and Blue refers more directly to the havoc and tragedy such invasions wreak. Inscribing text from Prime Minister Tony Blair’s response to Al Qaeda’s London bombings on a magenta-painted window (the color representing the proportional combination of the red, white, and blue in the American flag), Culbert questions the human cost of collusion with the world’s greatest superpower.


Rae Culbert

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Born in England and based in San Antonio, Rae Culbert examines world history and politics in installations crafted from found objects. Constructing inhospitable environments that exude the dank aura of crime scenes, Culbert turns viewers into detectives who seek clues among the scattered detritus, aided only by the works’ allusive titles. In interpreting installations like Son of Star Wars: An Homage to Ronald Reagan (2000), visitors find themselves caught in a web of nonsensical, fragmentary narratives that evoke the senselessness of terrorism and violence and American politicians’ complicity in them.

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