Makerspace: Watercolor Landscapes

Makerspace: Watercolor Landscapes

In this activity, you will experiment with watercolors to create landscapes.

Paper (watercolor paper works best)
Fabric, about 10” x 10” (muslin, canvas, and old t-shirts work, too!)
Embroidery hoop
Painting reference (go outside or use a photo!)


  1. Select a reference. This can be done by going outside, looking out a window, or using a photo you have found.
  2. Experiment on paper. Acquaint yourself with the materials and learn about the characteristics of watercolor. Practice fading and blending your colors. Decide whether cool or warm colors are needed to recreate your landscape.
  3. Take your fabric and stretch it over your smaller, interior, hoop, and secure it in place with the larger, outside hoop.
  4. Paint your landscape.
  5. Create a title and share your watercolor painting on social media – tag us: @artpace, #ArtpaceAtHome, #MakeArtHappen

To learn about Makerspace and how you can take your Watercolor Landscape further by integrating science and sewing, please visit our Educator Resources page and download a TEKS-aligned Lesson Plan.

Watercolor landscape by 2019-2020 Teen Council member Esther Wheatley
Workshop photo by Francisco Cortes