Tony Feher: Blue Painter’s Tape

Tony Feher: Blue Painter’s Tape

Tony Feher, 2012 Hudson Showroom artist, took advantage of everyday objects. He altered the ordinary to create inventive pieces of artwork.

In this activity, you will use tape to create a translucent window mural.


A window (any size!)
Tape (masking, painter’s, and transparent tape work best)
Paper (notebook paper works)
Writing utensils (markers, pencils)


  1. Pick a window in your house—try to find one that receives a lot of sunlight! With a paper and pencil, brainstorm what you would like your mural to be about—will it be about your family, a depiction of a sunset, or something abstract? Consider the size and placement of the window. Is this window going to be seen by many people?
  1. Experiment with your tape before starting your mural. Rip the tape instead of cutting it to create various effects, overlap and layer the tape to see the differences in translucency, and use markers to add color to clear tape.
  1. Once you’ve experimented with your tape, start creating your mural!
  1. Create a title for your composition and share on social media—tag us: @artpace, #ArtpaceAtHome, #MakeArtHappen.

To read about Tony Feher’s 2012 Hudson Showroom exhibition Thomas Hoving and view the complete TEKs-aligned lesson plan for his installation Blue Painters Tape please visit our Educator Resources page.

2020 Blue Painter’s Tape sample by Education Intern Ryene Sanders.
Image of student artwork. Photo by Francisco Cortes.
Tony Feher, detail of “Thomas Hoving.” Photo by Francisco Cortes.