On Being A Member of The You[th]Pace Teen Art Council

You[th]Pace Teen Art Council 2013-14 members convene on the stairs inside Artpace.

On Being A Member of The You[th]Pace Teen Art Council

If you think you know what art is, you don’t. Artpace has opened my mind to the wonders and limitless possibilities of what art can be. Being a member of the You[th]Pace Teen Art Council and collaborating with such a cool diverse group of teens has changed my outlook on involvement in the arts. Learning from the interesting contemporary artists at Artpace has expanded my creative outlook and has inspired me to pursue different angles in art. I really enjoyed one particular artist workshop where one of the Spring 2014 International Artists-in-Residence, Liz Glynn (Los Angeles), taught us how to make sculptures out of cement and plaster. She helped us construct a model for our design and showed us how to create it ourselves with either the cement or plaster. As members of the You[th]Pace Teen Art Council, we are also fortunate to be able to browse all the Artpace exhibitions and interact with the International Artists-in-Residence and other exhibiting artists to get an inside look at what the artists want to convey though their work.

I am looking forward to the unveiling of the You[th]Pace Teen Art Council’s Capstone Project because it gives us an opportunity to showcase our individual skills as well as our talents as a combined group. Artpace put all of their faith in us to organize the Capstone Project that showcases our individual artistic style and conveys what the You[th]Pace Teen Art Council is all about. We have planned to host a Teen Scene event and decided on everything that goes into the event including the music performance, interactive activities, and most importantly, the art. This particular experience has taught me the process of creating a successful showcase event at an art organization, which is very significant while trying to gain insight into working as a professional in the arts. Overall, I have grown to be more responsible, take initiative, and be a creative collaborator from being a member of the You[th]Pace Teen Art Council. I will never forget my amazing time at Artpace!

-Rachael Oelsen, member of the 2013-14 You[th]Pace Teen Art Council

Calling all San Antonio high school students: Want to meet artists, make money, and leave your mark at Artpace?

Apply for the 2014-15 You[th]Pace Teen Art Council, due Friday, May 23.

And mark your calendars for the FREE Teen Scene on Saturday, May 31 from 7-10pm.

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