Texas Abstract: New Painting in the Nineties

Texas Abstract

With rich surfaces and sensitivity inflected brushwork, Boccara’s paintings explore the interaction of geometry and gesture, of reason and automatism. Mancuso, Wallis and Wilcox are primarily monochrome painters. Mancuso’s works […]

White Floating

White Floating

An Interview with Jesse Amado by Frances Colpitt Frances Colpitt: Could you talk a little bit about your installation and how you conceive of its unfolding? Jesse Amado: Well, I […]

Soaring – The Rules of Engagement

Soaring - The Rules of Engagement

An interview with Ken Little by Laurence Miller LM: What are some of the influences on your work? KL: Wow! Everything from comedies on Saturday mornings, early television, and Walt […]

Cisco Jiménez

Cisco Jimenez

An interview with Cisco Jimenez by Laurence Miller LM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and about Cuernavaca, Mexico CJ: I always consider myself an outsider, even in the […]

Untitled Nọ 48

Untitled N&#803 2

An interview with Leonardo Drew by Laurence Miller LM: When did you first know that you were an artist? LD: When I came into this world, it was my natural […]

San Antonio Drawings


An interview with Antony Gormley by Annette DiMeo Carlozzi ADC: Antony, please tell me about the period of time that you spent last winter at ArtPace in San Antonio. What […]

David Zamora Casas

David Zamora Casas

An interview with David Zamoras Casas by Annette Dimeo Carlozzi ADC: David, can you talk with me about some of the ideas and concepts within your current body of work? […]

Glass House

Bullet Proof Pinata

An interview with David Avalos by Annette DiMeo Carlozzi ADC: David, can you tell me if spending time and doing work in San Antonio has measured up to your expectations, […]

GUAPA (Good Looking)

GUAPA (Good Looking)

Australian filmmaker and photographer Tracey Moffatt is a picture-maker, rather than a picture-taker. Whether she is shooting 35mm features, shorts or documentary films; color or black and white photos; or […]

Shovel Boat-Perpetual Maze

Shovel Boat-Perpetual Maze

Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba has been making art with food for two years. Inspired by a visit to Tokyo, he adopted rice – a treasured staple food in the Orient and symbolic […]