You Don’t Know My Horizon

Kim Faler’s work slows down time in an attempt to highlight the small moments—the intangibles—that exist around us. Central to this task are the multiple definitions of the word “present” […]


In Salv., Lily Cox-Richard explores stewardship asking, “How does value work?” which she unpacks via a winding account involving the National Park system, accidents, art historic bravado, asphalt, copper, and […]


Kim Morgan is interested in human relationships as they exist between things, other people, and places. She explores this by focusing on materiality, thinking about the role that tactility plays […]

Flora, Fauna, Landscape

WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR CREATING THIS WORK? All my work comes directly from elements of my immediate environment. I’ve lived mainly on the east coast surrounded by giant trees, […]


This exhibition presents new work by three artists, Jessica Halonen, Ryder Richards, and Kamila Szczesna, selected from Artpace’s Texas Open Call by guest curator Denise Markonish (MASS MoCA) and curated […]

Faces of Artpace

Artpace continues to celebrate its 21st birthday with a series of special exhibitions and events. Several current Artpace staff members were photographed for Samandari’s original project, San Antonio Faces of […]

We Want Data!

Tell us about some of the imagery in your exhibition and the characters you’ve developed. The exhibition is made up of a series of large-scale digital prints, which feature a […]

Studio Art………………..Period Room

Each spring, summer, and fall Artpace invites three artists to participate in a two-month residency, culminating in a two-month exhibition. During the two months of his Artpace residency, Coolquitt presented […]

They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds

Tell us about your approach to making work. Making art is a breathe-in and breathe-out process. When breathing in, I’m making art, developing ideas, and having conversations. While breathing out […]

Archive of Now

Archive of Now explores how we each have internal and external selves, both through personal introspection and online. This project invites you to consider your perspective on how internet culture […]

Up & Out

Artpace: What mediums do you typically work with? Liz Shepherd: I tend to dance back and forth between sculpture and printmaking, but when I am thinking about a project I […]

The Butterfly Funnel

Artpace: Walk us through your exhibition Daniel García Andújar: The space is about process and how we build up the white cube. Before you enter the space there is a […]