José Villalobos’s multimedia exhibition, groomed, conveys the effects of machismo within Norteño culture. Through sculpture and performance, Villalobos displays a nuanced and proud connection to his heritage, withstanding the historic […]

SILHOUETTES: Tracing Memory

Patrick Quarm’s exhibition, SILHOUETTES: Tracing Memory, is an astonishing depiction of human complexity and hybrid identity. Through painting and collage, Quarm displays layered, 3-dimensional portraits of contemporary black bodies that […]

A wide action is not a width

Melissa Joseph’s Artpace exhibition, A wide action is not a width, is a love letter to San Antonio, and a meditation on the selective permeability of our interfaces with others […]

Look Now What I’ve Become

A multidisciplinary artist, Harjo continues to expose the realities of Native culture in America. Look Now What I’ve Become aims to explore how language shapes societal perception and confronts the […]

No Man’s Land

Nohemí Pérez’s art captures the fraught relationship between humanity and nature, a theme that persists in her Artpace exhibition, No Man’s Land.  The Texas landscape forms the background of the […]

The Sunset Road

Reynier Leyva Novo’s exhibition, The Sunset Road, is centered around the transfer of matter and energy in relation to migration. Like much of his artistic practice, Novo combines research and […]


Yuliya Lanina’s exhibition at Artpace, titled Mother/Land, delves into the artist’s complex relationship with the war in Ukraine. Through animation, sculpture, and installation, Lanina continues her introspective exploration of the […]

The boy

Rudy Herrera often works on large-scale, colorful artworks that are intended to reach a broad audience – in particular to reach his peers who don’t naturally gravitate to art museums, […]

Since Last We Met

Lordy Rodriguez was an Artpace International Artist-in-Residence in 2001. Now, 22 years later, Rodriguez returns to Artpace with a selection of artworks he’s created since his residency. Since Last We […]


Claudia Martínez Garay explores a new medium in her Artpace exhibition Ayataki. This is the first surround sound work by the artist and only the second animated video she has […]

Remember This House: A global story

Ariel René Jackson’s exhibition, Remember This House: A global story investigates colorism, nationality, and inheritance. The artist utilizes video, found objects, printing, painting, and fiber work to create scenes and […]

Foundational Dualities

Glendalys Medina’s exhibition, Foundational Dualities, explores themes of erasure, duality, and craft. In this collection of works, the artist focuses on the creation story of the indigenous people of the […]