unsettling narratives

unsettling narratives is the culmination of Betelhem Makonnen’s residency– a meditation on presence and place in relationship to memory and history within non-linear time. The works, made up of still […]

(she re-members) siendo somos

Beginning in 2016, Hellen Ascoli and her collaborator, weaver and poet Negma Coy, began working on a pedagogical resource for educators in Guatemala that focuses on the knowledge embedded in […]


During his residence at Artpace, Jonesy transformed the gallery space into a hyper-stylized filmset inspired by intimate spaces for queer men, such as gay bars, sex clubs, and bathhouses, for […]

Every Time We Say Goodbye

The summer Main Space exhibition features local artist and City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture 2022 Individual Artist Grant Recipient Michael Guerra Foerster. In his exhibition, Every Time […]

Carbonate of Copper

Carbonate of Copper features international and Texas-based visual artists and scholars who work in varied media to examine questions of circuitry, flow, foundation, and cultural inheritance, particularly in relation to infrastructure, the […]

There are Black People in the Future

Alisha B. Wormsley’s There are Black People in the Future is inspired by afro-futurist artists and writers who highlight the need for Black people to claim their place. Through the […]

Migrant Barrier Tapestry

Kaneem Smith draws inspiration from a familial and historical standpoint of personal experience and the human condition. As a mixed media artist and sculptor with a background in fibers, these […]

The 1836 Project (Extended Widescreen Edition)

In a dark and immersive gallery, Michael Menchaca expands on the colonial fantasies of the Texas creation myth with their newest video work. Conceptually, The 1836 Project (Extended Widescreen Edition) […]

All Here Together

For over a decade, Iván Argote has been creating interventions on public monuments across the world as colonizer statues are being removed. His Artpace exhibition, All Here Together, was originally […]


Nao Bustamante’s BLOOM exhibition is an examination of women’s gynecological practice and history. It is also a world of pleasurable surprises. Rooted in both research and object-making, the idea for […]

Chronicles of Uprooting

Juana Córdova is well-known for her subtle, but poetic, responses to our natural world using unexpected materials. For the duration of her residency at Artpace, she focused on two species […]