Rigoberto Luna: Composite Self-Portraits

Rigoberto Luna: Composite Self-Portraits

Rigoberto “Rigo” Luna is an artist, designer, curator, and Director and Curator of Presa House Gallery where he has curated over 30 exhibitions with a heavy focus on artists from Central and South Texas. In 2009, Rigo was a featured artist at Artpace Chalk It Up and a showcase artist at Chalk It Up 2012.

In this activity, you will use two different techniques to make a composition inspired by the artwork of Rigo Luna. You will create one self-portrait by utilizing the placement of objects to represent your personality. Then, you will use a digital photograph to create the second self-portrait. Finally, you’ll combine the two portraits to create a single representation of yourself.

4–5 objects that describe yourself
Paper (your personal, standard printing paper; preferably 11” x 17”)
Digital image of yourself
Scissors or Xacto Knife (Please exercise caution when using any sharp tools.)


  1. Arrange your objects on the scanner bed. Scan and print your objects on paper.
  2. Using Photoshop (or equivalent software), open a digital image of yourself. Edit the image to enhance the contrast enough to leave only black and white shapes and adjust the overall scale of this image to match your image of objects.
  3. Print the image and cut out any negative space leaving only the contour lines.
  4. Overlap your self-portrait made of objects with your contour self-portrait. Tape in place.
  5. Create a title and share your vinyl self-portrait on social media – tag us: @artpace, #ArtpaceAtHome, #MakeArtHappen

To learn more about Rigoberto Luna, visit presahouse.com and visit our Educator Resources page to download a TEKS-aligned Vinyl Self-Portraits Lesson Plan.

Sample created by Artpace Teen Council member, Holden Lum.