David Benjamin Sherry: Earth Changes

David Benjamin Sherry: Earth Changes

Using tape and chalk to compose an abstracted landscape, you will create a geometric chalk mural inspired by David Benjamin Sherry’s exhibition, Earth Changes.

A variety of sidewalk chalk or pastels
Blue painter’s tape

1. GO OUTSIDE! Decide on a clean, flat sidewalk area or driveway to act as your canvas.
2. Take turns taping long pieces of blue painter’s tape to the ground in a fun, geometric design. Consider using breaks along a sidewalk to frame your composition.
3. Work together to color in each shape with as many colors as possible, or, a specific palette of colors.
4. Remove the tape.
5. Create a title for your mural and share on social media—tag us: @artpace, #ArtpaceAtHome; #MakeArtHappen.

To read about David Benjamin Sherry’s, and view the complete TEKs-aligned lesson plan for his exhibition, please visit our Educator Resources page. 


Earth Changes Chalk Mural by Ryene Sanders, Artpace Education Intern.

David Benjamin Sherry, Earth Changes, 2012. Photos by Todd Johnson.

Earth Changes